HP RDX Video - Could HP RDX Disk based backup be right for your business

RDX - Tier 2 and 3 Storage for Enterprise and SMB

Removable Disk Storage

RDX removable disk storage solutions are suitable for all enterprise, mid-sized and small organizations’ data protection, archive, retention, and recovery strategies. RDX removable disk technology supports both fast and drag-and-drop backups for data protection using file access. RDX technology allows you to remove your backup data for archive, and restore your data in seconds  — And because RDX removable disk technology can scale to large terabytes of data, you’ll never run out of storage capacity.

You can consolidate your Tier 2 data backup requirements with your Tier 3 data archive and retention needs with a single RDX solution!

Regulatory Compliance

RDX removable disk technology supports corporate policy and regulatory compliance requirements for data protection, archive, retention, and recovery. With RDX technology data may be archived for 30+ years. Recovery is simplified using random access to select specific files, or you may restore entire RDX removable disk cartridges at a sustained data transfer rate of up to 45MB-per-second to restore over 100GB in just one hour.  Using disk-to-disk replication, multiple copies of your data are available to meet requirements for geographically dispersed data protection and low-cost disaster recovery. Privacy compliance is met through application-based encryption, which is also supported by RDX removable solutions.