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RDX - Protect your Small and Meduium businesses with RDX Removable Disk Storage

Just as with large organizations, small and medium businesses (SMBs) rely on their data as mission-critical information.  The potential for data loss can come at any time from many sources: site disaster, human error, computer viruses, hardware and system failures or software program malfunctions — And SMBs can be subject to the same regulatory issues that larger entities are where quick access to specific data may be needed. Any business disruption, whether from data loss or timeliness in recovering data, translates into real dollars. According to IDC, 50% of small businesses do not backup their data, nor replicate their data, backup to tape, CD or fixed USB disk media. Virtually all SMBs have no disaster recovery (DR) strategy in place.

 A well thought out approach for data protection, retention, archive, and recovery can mitigate data losses and support meeting external regulatory requirements. Additionally, SMBs should consider technologies that are comprehensive for their needs and fit into their overall IT infrastructure, while keeping technology simple.  Most SMBs rely on internal technical support from non-certified IT professionals or their locally referred “Technical Support Person”

SMBs should have a plan for data storage including these key considerations:

  • What type of data will be retained?

  • How long must data be protected?

  • What government regulations or banking/venture capitalist mandates may affect retention policy?

  • What costs will be involved?

RDX systems, both internal (mounted in a server bay) and external (tabletop), are plug-and-play interoperable and can seamlessly integrate with most common back-up applications. Setup is as simple as plugging in the data cable, power cord, and inserting an RDX cartridge into the drive.

RDX removable disk technology is a NAS file system-based storage device and talks natively with Windows, Linux or MAC OS operating systems. The system can be transparent to users since it provides simple backups using drag-and-drop file access. It promises "hands free" protection of the entire system, using RDX Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software or other similar third-party standard backup applications with the same CDP feature. CDP with RDX keeps your data running and protected.

RDX removable disk cartridge technology provides SMBs with an enterprise-grade backup strategy. The RDX system uses a rugged, reliable disk cartridge and docking station to easily back-up your data. Cartridge capacities range from 160 GB to 1 TB, allowing SMBs the flexibility to customize their storage options. RDX technology meets all backup and data archive requirements for servers, networks, professional workstations, and storage devices such as NAS Filers and storage area networks (SANs).

Simple and Compatible

RDX cartridges and drives back up more than 100 GB of data per hour, access files instantly and archive data safely for more than 30 years. The RDX storage solution is fast and reliable. And, best of all, users do not need to purchase a new drive to increase storage capacities because new higher capacity cartridges will work in legacy RDX docks.