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Item# 28088
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Imation RDX A8 Removable Disk Based Library - 8 Bay 2U RDX Loader (0-drive empty chassis) Part # 28088
List Price:$3,995.00
Sale Price: $3,999.95

Manufacturer: Imation
Manufacturer Part No: 28088

Imation RDX A8 Library - 0-Drive (Empty Chassis) Part# 28088

The Best of Tape and Hard Disk
The RDX A8 ensures reliable performance of data-intensive business operations, delivering the scalability, portability and cost of tape, and the speed and durability of disk. The multi-bay Imation RDX A8 makes this industry-standard technology your clear choice for managing large volumes of data quickly and reliably.

High Performance and Scalable Capacity
This multi-bay device offers backward and forward compatibility with all RDX cartridges, plus iSCSI-based networking and desktop or rackmount options. Cartridges range from 160GB to 1TB, for a total capacity of up to 8TB (up to eight 1 TB cartridges) of online and unlimited offline capacity. As RDX cartridge capacity grows, so will your data storage capabilities. Combining large capacity and high performance, the A8 can handle the most demanding data storage needs of small- and medium-sized businesses – and still have room to grow. This system is an ideal replacement for SMB tape libraries such as DDS/DAT, VXA and DAT.


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Imation RDX A8 Overview and Features

Multiple Operating Modes
Operating in Tape Emulation mode, the A8 functions as a single drive, spanning all available cartridges to provide seamless handling of large data sets. In JBOD mode, the A8 gives you a separate drive letter for each bay.

Award Winning RDX Technology
The RDX A8 is built off of award-winning RDX technology, the world’s leading removable disk storage:
    • High Performance and Speed
    • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
    • Forward and Backward Compatibility
    • Expandable and Scalable
    • Industry Standard – Supported by major OEMs

From internal network backups to transporting large volumes of data, the A8 provides reliable performance for data-intensive applications in these industries and many more:

- Data Logging and Mining - Video Production and Broadcast
- Medical Imaging Services - Legal Records and Evidence
- Geophysical Monitoring - Surveillance and Specialized Video
- Graphic Design and Photography - Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

RDX A8 Loader Technical Specifications


Unit Capacity , Uncompressed 160GB-8TB (8, 1TB cartridges)

Tranfer Rate Up to 45MB/sec average sustained

Cartridge Rugged 2.5” mobile SATA hard disk drive

Cartridge Capacity, Uncompressed 160GB–1TB

Compatibility Forward and backward compatible with all RDX cartridges

Unit Dimensions Height: 3.417 in / 86.8 mm
Width: 17.508 in / 444.7 mm
Depth: 12.075 in / 306.7 mm inc. bezel
U Height: 2U

Unit Weight Weight: 13.95 lb / 6.33 kg

Cartridge Dimensions 0.93 in. H x 3.40 in. W x 4.69 in. L
(23.7 mm H x 86.6 mm W x 119.2 mm L)

Warranty 3 year limited

Key Benefits and Features

Fast & Efficient Scalable & Compatible
Average sustained data transfer rates of up to 45MB/sec for high productivity. Random access provides shorter seek times than sequential access tape. Forward and backward compatible with all existing and future RDX cartridges from 160GB to 1TB.

Flexible Reliable
Can be configured for Tape Emulation mode or iSCSI Storage (JBOD) mode. Can be placed on a desktop or installed in a 2U rackmount space. Fewer moving parts than tape autoloaders; reduced risk of mechanical failure. Advanced power management; lower power consumption than tape drives.

Networkable Affordable
Ethernet connectivity for integration into existing business networks. Initial system investment is significantly lower than for a tape drive and autoloader.

Imation RDX A8 Data Sheet

Imation RDX A8 Removable Disk Storage System Data Sheet

Part Numbers and Descriptions


26607 RDX 160GB cartridge
27428 RDX 320GB cartridge
27083 RDX 320GB cartridge TAA compliant
27127 RDX 500GB cartridge
27835 RDX 640GB cartridge
27958 RDX 750GB cartridge
27957 RDX 1TB cartridge


28232 RDX A8 Loader - 8 Bay 8TB Library Loader
28088 RDX A8 Loader - 8 Bay Empty Chassis (0-Drive)
26960 RDX external USB docking station
27138 RDX internal USB docking station
27771 RDX internal 3.5" SATA docking station