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Imation RDX Release 3TB and 4TB RDX Cartridges

Overland Tandberg have announced the release of Imation RDX 3TB and Imation RDX 4TB Cartridges.

Along with the updated Firmware release for Imation RDX Docking Stations (Firmware Version 0241) allowing Imation RDX Docks to support greater than 2.2TB  cartridges, one can now use the larger capacity 3TB and 4TB Cartridges i the Imation RDX USB 3.0 Docking Sations.

For more inofrmation on the Firmware release - Click here

Imation RDX 3TB part# 8841-RDX

Imation RDX 4TB part# 8842-RDX

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