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IBM Introduces RDX USB 3.0 External and Internal HDDs

The new IBM Corp.'s RDX USB 3.0 disk backup solution uses a rugged removable disk cartridge and docking station to provide a portable answer to data protection.

It features shock-resistant 320GB, 500GB, and 1TB cartridges. The RDX USB 3.0 docking stations are offered in external stand-alone and internal 5.25-inch half height units to integrate into System x or BladeCenter environment. The USB interface provides sustained transfer rates of up to 96MBps.

    Cost-effective and secure removable disk technology

    Up to 96 MBps native USB transfer rate

    Up to 1TB native capacity

    Hot-plug capability

    Internal form factor of 5.25-inch, convertible to 3.5-inch form factor in certain configurations

    External USB stand-alone offering or internal docks can be used with external enclosures

    Warranty internal option: One year, limited warranty

    Warranty Cartridges: RDX 1TB cartridges only that are defective within three years will be replaced or purchase price refunded.

    Planned availability date: February 14, 2012.