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Tandberg Shipped 450,000 RDX Docks and 1.5 million RDX Cartridges

Tandberg Data, owner of RDX disk technology, announced that more than 1.5 million RDX removable disk cartridges and 450,000 RDX docks have shipped to date through OEMs, resellers and WW distributors.

"We are very committed to making significant investments in solutions based on RDX," said Elisabeth Harth, global business unit director for RDX at Tandberg Data. "More than 400PB of data are stored on RDX-based technology worldwide. Tandberg Data continues to roll out innovative RDX-based solutions, such as the recently announced 1.5TB RDX cartridge and our free RCE encryption software, to help customers protect their ever-growing volumes of data affordably and easily."

Licensed to storage manufacturers and sold by OEMs and storage solution partners worldwide, RDX technology is a backup and storage system for SMB's. Vertical industries have adopted the technology, including retail, legal, education, health care, video and broadcasting, food, managed services and graphic design."

In addition to increased capacity and performance, RDX backups allow us to retrieve and restore data from backup much faster than we ever could before," said Jesus Gonzalez, IT director for St. Baldricks Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to funding childhood cancer research. "It's also comforting to know that as our data continues to grow, we can instantly increase our storage capacity with new RDX cartridges."