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Tandberg Data AccuGuard Server & Enterprise Software for RDX Removable Disk Storage

Tandberg Data AccuGuard Server for RDX is a Windows-based backup and recovery software which works with Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor and RDX QuikStation. It is an easy-to-deploy solution that protects physical and virtual Windows servers and desktops. AccuGuard is easy to use, as it guides you step by step through tasks like creating a backup job.

The highlights are

Automated data protection - Set it and forget it data protection with point-in-time recovery and automated verification that ensures every file is saved correctly and without corruption

20:1 data deduplication - Increases effective data storage capacity for maximum value as it just stored the changed block

Bare Metal Recovery – Enables you to start a restore from the operating system level

Integrated Microsoft SQL & Exchange Protection - Specialized protection plans provide full protection with optimized data reduction

Browsable Backups – Makes restore as easy as working with the Windows explorer

Drag and Drop Restore - Simplifies file recovery by eliminating the requirement to run a "Restore Job“

Point-in-Time Recovery – Enables you to restore files from a specific date (e.g. before a virus attack occurred)

RDX Media Manager – For offsite management and media rotation

Simple User Interface – Intuitive and easy interface with online help

Email Notification - Sends a backup- and recovery-report to an email address

Contact your RDXWorks Rep for more information on Tandberg Data AccuGuard Software.