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Item# 8923-RDX
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Tandberg Data RDX Quikstation 4 16TB 1U Rackmount Removable Disk Array Part# 8923-RDX
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Manufacturer: Tandberg Data
Manufacturer Part No: 8923-RDX

Tandberg Data RDX Quikstation 4 16TB Bundle (4 x 4TB) 1U Rackmount Part# 8923-RDX

RDX QuikStation 4 Advantages

High Performing Network Storage
For maximum performance and resiliency, the unit provides two bonded Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports with load balancing and failover capabilities. With its groundbreaking flexibility and ease of management, the RDX QuikStation is the “Swiss Army Knife” of data protection.

Fits in various Environments
The iSCSI connectivity of RDX QuikStation enables an easy integration into physical and virtual environments and also Hybrid cloud storage architectures. Providing four RDX iSCSI targets, up to four application server can utilize their own removable disk storage device.

Overcome Capacity Limitations
By spanning RDX drives in the QuikStation together, the capacity limitation of one single RDX media volume can be extended, but still maintain all RDX benefits of removability and protection of customer’s data.

Flexible and Simple
The RDX QuikStation is designed and manufactured by Tandberg Data to be enormously flexible while being simple to setup and manage. The onboard multi-language web-based management console provides for remote configuration, control, security, and management from a standard web browser. RDX QuikStation offers automatic software updates / maintenance via the internet.

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Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation 4 16TB Bundle Overview and Features

Ideal device for backup, archiving, data distribution and data seeding for businesses.

Network connected RDX
SCSI connectivity allows easy integration into virtual, physical or hybrid environments for versatile storage applications.

Removable Disk Storage

RDX combines the benefits of disk and tape, allowing fast and secure data access with long term off-site archiving.

No Capacity Limitations
Volume spanning to overcome single RDX media capacity limitation. Removability for unlimited off-site storage capacity.

Windows Backup Compatibility
Use removable disk media with Windows Backup Utility.

Accessible from any standard web browser for user-friendly administration as well as automatic software updates.

No Media Compatibility Issues
Full forward and backward compatibility to all RDX media means no data migration effort.

Green features for minimal power, cooling, and space requirements
RDX removability means that RDX media that is not currently in use can be taken offline to minimize data center power and cooling needs. High density 1U Form Factor packs a lot of functionality in a very small space minimizing impact on data center space requirements.

Desktop and Rackmount Versions
The QuikStation 4 can be integrated in existing 19“-racks as well as placed on a desk for use in small office environments.

Dual Gigabit Ethernet (1GbE) ports
2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet provides high availability network connectivity. Bonded, active backup/failover or adaptive load balancing.

Compatible with major backup software packages
Facilitates easy integration into existing data protection infrastructures. Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Easy to Setup and Use
Start protecting data fast, no special knowledge or training required.

RDX QuikStation 4 16TB Bundle Technical Specifications


Part Number 8923-RDX (Rackmount)

Form Factor 1U Rackmount

Capacity Cartridge dependent (online): 16TB using 4 x 4TB cartridges Unlimited offline capacity

Data Transfer Rate Up to 200 MB/sec ( 2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet speed)
Concurrent read/write operations

Logical Cartridge Move Time <1 second

Network Connectivity 2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet, bonded, active backup/failover or adaptive load balancing

Configuration Options 1-4 individual RDX QuikStor removable disk targets (addressable via 1 to 4 hosts)
1-4 individual RDX QuikStor fixed disk targets (for Windows Backup)
1 Logical Volume across all RDX drives

Remote Management Integrated browser-based management console with multi-language support for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese & Japanese

USB 2.0 Ports 1 Front, 2 Rear

Removable Media Drive 4 x RDX drives

RDX Media Compatibility (Capacity) Includes 4 x 4TB RDX cartridges (8824-RDX)


RDX QuikStation 4 Product Specifications

Unit Dimensions (DxWxH) 478mm x 440mm x 43mm / 18.82”x 17.32”x 1.69” (Rackmount) / 481mm x 464.5mm x 68mm / 18.94" x 18.29" x 2.68"

Net Weight 5.98kg / 13.18lb (Rackmount) / 9.77kg / 21.54lb

Operating Temperature 10° to 40° C (50° to 104° F)

Included in the Box Ethernet cables (2), US and Euro power cords, USB Flash Drive, Rackmount Kit, Quick Start Guide, (RDX media not included)

Warranty 3-Year Bronze Level Support (Advanced Replacement Service, where available)

Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation 4 Data Sheet

Tandberg Data RDX QuikStation 4 16TB Bundle 8923-RDX Data Sheet

Part Numbers and Descriptions


8548-RDX Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor 160GB Cartridge
8536-RDX Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor 320GB Cartridge
8541-RDX Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor 500GB Cartridge
8592-RDX Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor 640GB Cartridge
8586-RDX Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor 1TB Cartridge
8723-RDX Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor 1.5TB Cartridge
8731-RDX Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor 2TB Cartridge
8807-RDX Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor 3TB Cartridge
8824-RDX Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor 4TB Cartridge


8900-RDX RDX QuikStation - 8 Bay 24TB Library Loader
8667-RDX Tandberg RDX QuikStor Exteral Docking Station USB 3.0
8666-RDX Tandberg RDX QuikStor Interal Docking Station USB 3.0
8920-RDX Tandberg RDX QuikStation 4 1U Rackmount Loader
8922-RDX Tandberg RDX QuikStation 4 1U Desktop Loader
8923-RDX Tandberg RDX QuikStation 4 16TB Bundle 1U Rackmount
8924-RDX Tandberg RDX QuikStation 4 16TB Bundle 1U Desktop

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