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Tandberg Data Introduces RDX SATA III Internal Docking Station

Replacement for SATA I RDX disk-based storage systems delivers 7X speed improvement; targets banking/finance, defense, telco, surveillance and many other verticals.

Tandberg Data, today introduced RDX QuikStor SATA III, a removable disk storage and archive system for a seamless hypervisor integration experience with Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware for backup, archive and data exchange. With significant performance improvements, the new RDX QuikStor delivers a 7x faster speed improvement, when compared with previous generation SATA I devices, and is designed for compatibility with all current and future RDX media cartridges.

Hugo Bergmann, product manager of RDX storage and software solutions at Tandberg Data, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sphere 3D said, “The launch of this RDX QuikStor SATA III removable disk drive is part of a program that sees our RDX platform undergo major enhancements to exceed the needs of both physical and virtual server deployments. In addition, the new offering meets the compliance and regulatory requirements for backup and archive storage for a broad range of industries while laying out the foundation for the future of SMB and SME data protection. It also enhances the level of security for customers as they transport their business-critical data.”

Dimitri Schewtschenko, product manager at TAROX AG, and a customer of Tandberg Data, shared, “We have been a fan of RDX products since adopting our first SATA I drive in 2006. This product provides the reliability and robustness that we require for full system protection. The product just works. We are now excited about the SATA III offering as it builds upon the already impressive RDX capabilities and its design allows integration with Hyper-V and VMware server deployments.”

The RDX QuikStor SATA III interface is a third-generation SATA interface running at 6.0Gb/s and can support bandwidth throughputs of 330MB/s with Solid State Drive (SSD) and 130MB/s with current Hard Disk Drive (HDD) based media. Although SATA III specifications provide backward compatibility to function on SATA I and SATA II ports, the SATA III interface technology allows wider and better RDX integration particularly for the backup and archiving of data in professional IT, transportation and harsh environments (i.e. extreme heat, cold, vibrations, dirt and dust) including single server virtualization platforms. Moreover, this is the first RDX hardware encryption aware device with a built-in component allowing the encryption of RDX media to meet and exceed customers’ compliance requirements for backup, archive and data transportation.

Collectively these RDX enhancements provide a high performance and tightly integrated hypervisor user experience that is particularly well suited for banking/finance, healthcare, defense and video surveillance sectors that need to backup high-security application data, and for users seeking to interface RDX to virtual servers built on hypervisors such as Hyper-V and VMware.

Pricing and Availability

The Tandberg Data RDX QuikStor SATA III removable disk storage and archive system is available effective immediately. Contact you RDXWorks Account Rep for more information.  Click here for the RDX SATA III product page:

 For more information on RDX SATA III or to request a quote call us at 949 297 3630.