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SATA III Integration RDX QuikStor

This Document Shows how to install the RDX QuikStor SATA III drive on a system and highlights important settings and prerequisites.


Hardware and software requirements

SATA Controller connection must support AHCI Mode and 16 byte CDB’s.

The controller can be built into the system board or be an add-on controller.

The SATA controller used for RDX must be set to AHCI mode.

Alternatively, if the system does not support AHCI than a SATA I RDX drive can be used with up to 2.0TB Media.

Best Practice: Use the operating system drivers recommended for the SATA controller. The Windows OS comes with default Microsoft SATA drivers. We recommend using the default Microsoft SATA drivers.

SATA RDX Drives do not require Windows drivers

For Preperation, SATA HBA Alternatives, Cable Connections and Procedure - Click Here.


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