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RDX Media Roadmap and RDX Systems and Software Roadmap

Some exciting news as it relates to the Roadmap of RDX and now RDX+ Technology, currently the 2TB RDX Cartridge is the highest capacity available. We are looking to have available and shipping 3TB RDX Cartridges in fall 2015, with 4TB RDX and beyond coming thereafter.  All capacity cartridges and drives are backward and forward write/read compatible.  In addition all RDX Cartridges (both current and future) are Encryption and WORM capable.

RDX Media Roadmap

Regarding the Systems and Software Roadmap, we currently have available SATA, USB 3.0 and now USB3+ Technology.  In addtion within Automation there is currently available the popular 8 Bay RDX QuikStation, also the RDX QuadPAK and just recently announced QuikStation 4 available in both Desktop and Rackmount options.  Software such as Acccuguard, Encryption, WORM, rdxLOCK, Windows Native Backup Utility will be replaced with newer versions such as Accuguard version 8.0.738.1, WORM rdxLOCK version, Accuguard Version 9 as as further RDX Utility replacements.



RDX Systems and Software Roadmap