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Tandberg RDX - MAC OS Time Machine Backup Integration

Integration Brief: Step by step intructions for setting up your Tandberg RDX Quikstor on a MAC with Time Machine

Time Machine is an easy to use built-in backup routine for Mac systems. It performs manual and automated backups to disk devices. The automated mode runs hourly backups and consolidates them per day and keeps them for a month. After that, they are consolidated to weekly backups.

Utilizing RDX QuikStor, Mac users are able to perform backups to a removable media using media rotation. This allows the usage of alternating RDX media for the same backup job for full disaster protection with off-site storage.

Time Machine offers recovery points of each backup performed. So systems could be easily restored after a virus or ransomware attack by selecting the last safe recovery point.

This guide shows step-by-step instructions how to set up a backup job including media rotation for full disaster protection using RDX QuikStor. From Setting up Time Machine to Media Rotation to Restoring Files, follow this RDX QuikStor MAC Time Machine Integration Brief.

Tandberg Data RDX and MAC - Time Machine


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