HP RDX Video - Could HP RDX Disk based backup be right for your business

RDX Data Protection and Archiving - The Basics

Data protection is important for everybody, even for private users. In small offices and home offices, RDX can be connected directly to a laptop or desktop via USB as an external device. In conjunction with Tandberg Data AccuGuard backup software or Windows backup, you have an affordable and easy to use solution. Workgroups have at least a file-server or in addition exchange services and sql databases. Here, we recommend to install an internal drive into the server. AccuGuard or a similar backup software will protect the files on the server, the exchange folders and sql databases. If you have backup and archiving applications, 2 drives should be installed into the server. So both applications can work independently.

Media rotation is very important, as you should have at least one copy off-site at a safe location. A backup doesn’t help if you cannot access it any more after a disaster occurred. In our example we have 4 cycles as it could take some time to transport the media to its location

Media 1 = in Drive for current Backup job execution
Media 2 = on its way to secure off site location
Media 3 = stored securely in off site location
Media 4 = on its way to main site to be used for next backup execution

If your data is exceeding the capacity of one media, a lot of backup software vendors support media spanning. So if the backup has reached the maximum capacity of one RDX media, the software will request the next media and continues the backup job as soon as you change the media on the RDX drive. This is working, because RDX is recognized as removable media and not as a disk.

As RDX is a drop-resistant rugged media, it is ideal for transportation. In case of lack of a network or a slow network connection, it may be necessary to move the media via a courier service for data consolidation. At the main-site RDX media can be moved for data-vaulting and archiving. Save data on RDX with your local computer, Transport your data to main office location for data consolidation Data Vaulting Off Site Archive.