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RDX Quikstor and Windows Backup with Full System Recovery

The built-in Windows Backup included with current Windows operating systems does not support removable media. In order to back up the system or user data with removable storage products and Windows Backup, a user must backup to a fixed local disk or incorporate third-party backup software that recognizes the removable storage device.

RDX QuikStor has solved this problem by providing a fixed disk mode that allows RDX removable storage to be used with Windows Backup. This guide shows step-by-step instructions on a Windows Server 2012 R2 environment how to:

  • Create a bootable RDX QuikStor media including a system recovery image
  • Set up a backup job including media rotation for full disaster protection
  • Set up deduplication on server volumes to safe disk and backup space
  • recover from a system crash using RDX QuikStor recovery media

For a step by step guide on how to setup RDX Quikstor for Windows Backup Use - Click Here.


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