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RDX QuikStation8 from Tandberg Data with 10GbE

Tandberg Data launched RDX QuikStation 8.

The QuikStation 8 is an iSCSI network-attached removable disk appliance designed to provide a flexible platform for data protection and off-site DR for physical or virtual SMB and SME environments.

To address data center market, it is packed with features that include:

  • data transfer rates of up to 3.6TB/hour;
  • web-based management;
  • one 10GbE and/or four 1GbE iSCSI network ports with bonding for failover and performance load balancing; and
  • optional redundant power supplies.

QuikStation 8 delivers the RDX media capacity currently available in the market - up to eight 4TB RDX slots for a maximum capacity of 32TB online and unlimited offline. It consumes typically 40-80W in operation.

Appliances are easy to use and flexible to allow for multiple configuration options to meet ever-changing backup storage requirements.

RDX QuikStation 8 is available together with AccuGuard backup software solution which provides source-based data de-duplication. This enables customers to achieve system protection with bare metal recovery, single file restore and off-site storage for their windows servers (incl. Exchange and SQL) and workstation systems, thereby utilizing RDX media 20 times more efficiently than without de-duplication.

Offline storage is central for effective data protection. QuikStation 8, with its built-in RDX technology, combines the advantages of secure and protected online and offline RDX storage with iSCSI connectivity for easy virtualization or hybrid-Cloud integration in a single removable disk appliance, the appliance's configuration flexibility provides our customers with a versatile data projection solution that fits into their existing data management and operations modes: whether disk, removable disk, tape automation, or a combination of these.

We are excited about our new RDX QuikStation 8 products as they offer the same solid reliability we have grown to love from the Tandberg RDX product line, yet now with faster GbE speeds. QuikStation 8 provides these attributes in an easy-to-use and proven platform.

RDX QuikStation8 is available at a starting MSRP price of $3,999, with a standard warranty of three years advanced replacement service, and the option for on-site service uplifts and additional year extensions.

RDX QuikStation8 configuration options are as follows:

  • Eight RDX QuikStor drives in removable and fixed disk mode (addressable via one to eight hosts)
  • Two logical volumes with up to four RDX drives (addressable via two hosts)
  • One logical volumes with up to eight RDX drives (addressable via one host)
  • Emulated StorageLoader (eight slots and one LTO-3 tape drive)
  • Emulated StorageLibraryT24 (eight slots and two LTO-3 tape drives)
  • Emulated disk autoloader (eight slots and one drive)
  • Combination of one emulated LTO StorageLoader and four RDX targets

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