HP RDX Video - Could HP RDX Disk based backup be right for your business

RDX Backup for NAS Storage Systems

Easy to use backup-solution for a broad range of NAS offerings

RAID does not protect against data loss due to a disaster. What if the whole NAS system fails? What about a virus or ransomware attack? RAID technology does not protect against any of these incidents.

RDX is ruggedized, removable and simple.

RDX is easy to install and easy to use, integrates in a broad range of NAS systems, integrates into built in backup applications, media rotation and off-site protection and it's affordable.  Full data protection providing peace of mind, low purchase cost, no extra backup software required and ease of use reduces operation costs.  With cartridge capacities ranging from 500GB, 1TB RDX, 2TB RDX, 3TB RDX and now 4TB RDX and multi bay loader stations such as the RDX QuikStation, which holds either 4 or 8 RDX removable disk cartridges, you now have online capacity of 32TB along with unlimited offline capacity.


RDX and NAS - For a detailed pdf of the Challenges, Needs, Solutions and Customer Benefits of RDX for NAS - Click Here.


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