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RDX 5TB Released by Tandberg Data

Overland-Tandberg announce announce availability of the 5TB RDX cartridge 8862-RDX

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With Capacity of 5TB per RDX cartridge and transfer rates of 120MB/s, connectivity is either USB 3.0 or SATA III the Overland-Tandberg RDX media offers rugged design for maximum data protection and secure handling.  The media is well suited for data protection and archiving. 

  • Rugged and Tough - Shock and drop protected design ensures durability and reliability. Vibration isolation ensures write /read perfor - mance reliability.
  • High Quality - Designed for business grade applications to backup, archive and store business critical data.
  • Static Protection - RDX Media are protected against electrostatic discharge events.
  • Easy Handling - A keyed media is helping users to insert the cartridge correctly. Software controlled media eject ensures backup completion before media is removed.
  • High Flexibility - HDD and SSD Versions fulfill performance requirements, various capacities for all business needs.
  • Optional Security Features - WORM media for compliance archiving, RansomBlock media for full protection against malware attacks.
  • No Compatibility Issues - New generation RDX Media works in all drives and older media works in new generation drives. Backward and Forward compatibility allows user to upgrade to higher capacity media without compromise.
  • No cleaning - No mechanical parts which require cleaning.
  • High duty cycle - Over 5000 insertions/ejection, 10 years archival life.

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Tandberg Data RDX 5TB Cartridge Part# 8862-RDX