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Quantum RDX

Quantum RDX Removable Disk Drive

Fast. Simple. Reliable. Compact.

The Quantum RDX system is a fast, simple, reliable and affordable disk-based data protection system that satisfies the backup and archive needs of today’s fast-paced businesses. Combining the removability and high capacity of tape with the random file access and performance of disk, the Quantum RDX provides a compelling answer to the onsite/offsite data protection needs of small businesses and branch offices.

Along with the dock and the removable data cartridge, the Quantum RDX system includes Retrospect backup software for Windows. This software incorporates data deduplication technology to provide an extremely cost-effective solution, reducing the number of cartridges required for effective backups by up to 20:1. Each time you run a backup, Retrospect only stores the data that has changed, thus significantly saving disk space. When you restore, the software automatically reassembles the pieces so you get the full file as it existed on the date you are requesting. This process dramatically increases the number of backup data sets that can be stored on a single disk, as well as the number of available recovery points. The result is reduced media handling, simplified management, and faster restores.

Quantum RDX cartridges contain a rugged mobile hard drive in a highly effective shock-resistant mounting. They are available in various capacities, all of which are read and write compatible and interchangeable with any RDX dock. Choose from the easily integrated SATA or USB internal dock, which can be quickly installed into a server or desktop 5.25-inch bay, or the convenient tabletop USB dock that can be connected in seconds.

Features and Benefits

Fast - Backups complete in minutes. Quick access to data for fast restores.

Simple - Every backup appears as a full backup; no hunting through incrementals. To restore, simply pick a recovery date, then drag and drop files from Windows Explorer.

Reliable - Ruggedized cartridges can withstand a one-meter drop to a hard surface without damage, and they have a 30-year archive shelf life in a normal office environment.

Flexible - On-site/ Off-site data backup.

Affordable - Cartridges can be used for months without filling up, thanks to data deduplication technology.

Powerful - The Retrospect software includes integrated protection for your Microsoft Exchange email system and SQL Server databases.

Secure - Supports Government level security with the highest level AES-256 bit Encryption Standard.

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