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Item# 46C2334
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IBM RDX 750GB Removable Disk Cartridge Part # 46C2334 (REPLACED by Tandberg 8586-RDX)
List Price:$369.00
Sale Price: $152.95

Manufacturer: IBM
Manufacturer Part No: 46C2334

IBM RDX 750GB Removable Disk Cartridge - Part #46C2334 (REPLACED by Tandberg 8586-RDX)

The IBM RDX solution provides all the benefits of disk, with fast random access to data and drag and drop functionality, and all the historic portability and durability benefits of tape. Designed for portability and longevity, the rugged RDX cartridges are engineered to be durable so you can safely transport off-site while also providing the shelf life required for archival requirements


Whether you are in a System x tower, rack optimized, or BladeCenter S environment, IBM provides simple and flexible RDX docking alternatives. RDX docks are offered as external standalone units as well as internal 5.25” half height docks, which can easily mount in any standard half height bay or when combined with an IBM 1U Enclosure can quickly be converted into an external rack mountable solution, containing up to 2 RDX internal docks. The internal docks can also be installed internally in select IBM System x rack optimized servers by leveraging an optional enablement kit (43V5959).

High Performance Plug and Play USB Connectivity

IBM RDX docks come with an USB 2.0 interface allowing for plug and play internal or external connectivity for simplified out of the box setup. The native USB interface not only delivers a fast and easy installation, but ensures that ports are widely available. This provides for a lower cost implementation by eliminating the need for an additional host-bus-adapter. This interface also allows for the performance you desire, with USB sustained native transfer rates of up to 25 MB/s.

High Capacity and Easy Scalability

Whether protecting a static data set or trying to plan and manage for growth, IBM offers 160GB, 320GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB RDX cartridge capacity points to meet your requirements. RDX docks are compatible with all IBM cartridge capacities.

Intuitive Management

The standard Yosemite Backup Basic with DR for IBM RDX application provides a powerful and intuitive wizard-based management approach to backup and recovery. Simplified process management should also come with a full-feature set and Yosemite Backup Basic with DR for IBM RDX delivers, providing such advanced functionality as bare metal disaster recovery and cartridge encryption features.

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IBM RDX Overview and Features

Durable, reliable and secure removable disk backup solution

Affordable, high-capacity, shock-resistant 160 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB, 750GB and 1 TB cartridges

USB interfaces for simplified plug-and-play installation

Fast, efficient USB performance, up to 25 MBps

Standard Yosemite Backup Basic with DR for IBM RDX Application

5.25-inch half height Internal dock offering

Optional Enablement Kit also allows for internal installation in select IBM® System x™ Rack Optimized Servers

Flexible external USB configurations with a standalone offering or a configurable 1U Rack-mount solution

RDX docks are compatible with all cartridge capacities, allowing for scalability to manage growth

IBM RDX Technical Specifications

Technology IBM RDX Removable Disk

Form Factor Half-High Internal or External Desktop

Capacity per Up to: 160 GB Native/320 GB Compressed
Cartridge Up to: 320 GB Native/640 GB Compressed
  Up to: 500 GB Native/ 1TB Compressed
  Up to: 750 GB Native/ 1.5TB Compressed
  Up to: 1 TB Native/ 2TB Compressed

Data Transfer Rate Up to: 25 MB/Sec

Interface USB 2.0

Dock Compatibility Docks support all current capacities

Enablement Kit 43V5959 Allows for internal installation or RDX Internal Dock in select IBM® System x™ Rack Optimized Servers

Limited Warranty Internal docks carry a base 1-year limited warranty, External Docks carry a 3-year limited warranty. RDX cartridges come standard with a 1-year limited warranty.

Internal Ship Group RDX 5.25” Internal Half Height Dock
Single 160GB, 320GB, or 500GB Cartridge Based on Skew Ordered
Yosemite Backup™ Basic with DR for IBM RDX
User Guide, Mounting screws, Four internal USB cables: USB 24” Cable with Type 2x3 Connector USB 24” Cable with Type B Connector USB 24” Cable with Type 1x6 Connector USB 24” Cable with Type A Locking Connector

External Ship Group Single 160GB, 320GB, or 500GB Cartridge Based on Skew Ordered
Yosemite BackupTM Basic with DR for IBM RDX
User Guide External USB Cable External RDX Power Cord (Single Universal Cord WW)

Physical specifications Internal:
Height: 41.4 mm (1.63 in) Width: 146.0 mm (5.75 in) Length: 171.9 mm (6.77 in) including bezel Weight: 635 g (1.40 lbs)
Height: 51.8 mm (2.04 in) Width: 109.8 mm (4.32 in) Length: 177.5 mm (7.00 in) including bezel Weight: 540 g (1.19 lbs)
Height: 23.7 mm (0.93 in.) Width: 86.6 mm (3.41 in.) Depth: 119.2 mm (4.69 in.) Weight: 173 g (6.08 oz)

Operating environment Temperature: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F) Relative humidity: 20% to 80% noncondensing


IBM RDX Data Sheet

IBM RDX Removable Disk Storage System Data Sheet

IBM RDX Part Numbers and Descriptions


46C5366 IBM RDX 160GB Cartridge
46C5367 IBM RDX 320GB Cartridge
46C5368 IBM RDX 500GB Cartridge
46C2334 IBM RDX 750GB Cartridge
46C2335 IBM RDX 1TB Cartridge


46C5364 IBM RDX160 Internal USB
46C5387 IBM RDX320 Internal USB
46C5388 IBM RDX500 Internal USB
362516X IBM RDX160 External USB
362532X IBM RDX320 External USB
362550X IBM RDX500 External USB