HP RDX Video - Could HP RDX Disk based backup be right for your business

Data in the cloud? Keep your business on solid ground with HPE RDX.

HP RDX - Data in the Cloud?  Make HP RDX a ray of sunshine

The cloud can help to reduce cost and complexity for some business operations, including data protection. And for individual file restore, it may fulfil your needs. But what if you needed to recover all your data because of a disaster or cyberattack? The cost and time associated with a full cloud restore can be prohibitive for a growing business, especially if you have a lot of data.

With HPE RDX, you always have a local backup copy―up to 4 TB per cartridge―that gives you immediate access to critical data whenever you need it. And because it’s portable, your RDX data can also be kept in a secure off-site location if required, giving you the best of both worlds.

Complement your cloud backup strategy with HPE RDX so you can recover quickly and always feel confident you have complete control of your data.

HPE RDX protects your data as fast as your business creates it.

A growing business generates a lot of data. All those ideas―and the business functions needed to support them―are the life blood of your company. You need to make sure they are protected in real time from the every day mishaps and out of the blue disasters, like damage to your building or a cyberattack.

With hard drive transfer speeds and built-in anti-vibration buffers, HPE RDX offers blazingly fast data protection, so you are free to manage your business rather than your backup. And RDX will also support continuous data protection so you can protect files created five minutes ago from the “oh no” moments as easily as those created five months ago.

Using the cloud to protect your data? Make HPE RDX your local ray of sunshine.

HPE RDX works on-site or off-site, making every day a good day for your data come rain or shine. RDX fits in wherever you need it. It’s the perfect partner for your cloud backup, ensuring the local data copy you need for in-line storage, real time applications and offline disaster recovery.

This fast, simple and most versatile of all data storage solutions works across a network of branches, temporary sites or single-server businesses, and provides all the local backup you’ll ever need. With HPE RDX, your cloud has a silver lining.

Choose from a range of capacities including HP RDX 500GB, HP RDX 1TB, HP RDX 2TB, HP RDX 3TB and HP RDX 4TB

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