HP RDX Video - Could HP RDX Disk based backup be right for your business

Why HPE RDX is the perfect single server backup solution

Hewlett Packard Enterprise RDX is the ideal choice for businesses that need rugged, fast, and reliable backup for workstations and small servers.

Cartridge-style hard drive: HPE RDX offers reliable portability when transporting data outside the office or offsite disaster recovery. You get a usage life of 5,000 load/unload insertions and a 10 year archival life for long term retention

The perfect fit: With cartridge capacities of 500 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB, there’s one for every size of server or workstation, with desktop and server/rack options. All backwards compatible: your hardware works perfectly with any size cartridge, including tomorrow’s.

No more guesswork: Cartridges cannot be removed while backups are running or scheduled. Staff can safely run local backups and rotate media without specialist skills or training. Yosemite Server Backup Basic provides software-based data encryption if you need it.

Back up wherever you go: HPE RDX can be powered by USB, so you can use it anywhere. Perfect for temporary locations and field operations.

Disk spanning means more than enough capacity for your data: Don’t worry if the data you want to store is more than one cartridge can handle. Just add another, and another, until the backup’s done.

Simple: Just drag and drop the files you want to back up using Windows or Mac OS X Finder. HPE RDX includes Windows Fixed Disk mode for easy software-free backup if you need it.

Super-fast: Backs up at hard drive speeds and restores critical files in seconds via USB 3.0. A 2 TB restore takes around five and a half hours. Via a cloud provider, it could take weeks, even with the fastest broadband connection.

Business-grade quality: Embedded SATA connector protects against static; inner buffers minimize vibration for superior read/ write performance; sealed interface between drive head and media means no wear, alignment issues or debris build-up. Fixed disk mode makes it easy to integrate with existing Windows Essentials, SBS and Server 2012 environments.

Shockproof: In tests, RDX cartridges had a 97% drop test survival rate compared to zero for ordinary USB drives. Just to be certain, we even tied it to a dragster and ran it up a raceway at 170 mph for over a quarter of a mile. It still worked flawlessly.

Checkout our Selection of HP RDX Cartridges ranging from the 500GB (Q2042A), 1TB (Q2044A), 2TB (Q2046A) and the newly released HP RDX 3TB cartridge (Q2047A). Call us for a quote today.