HP RDX Video - Could HP RDX Disk based backup be right for your business

Trust your team to finish the project and HP RDX to keep it safe once they do.

Great for Single-server businesses across many industries looking for a simple, fast, smart and reliable data backup solution.

Key features and benefits

• 320 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB capacity cartridges – for every size of server or workstation.
• Lower cost of ownership than DAT over the life of the device.
• Backup data at super fast hard drive speeds via USB 3.0 (up to 650 GB/hour).
• Restore single files or critical data sets faster than with cloud backup.
• Drag and drop file access for maximum simplicity –no IT training needed.
• Compatible with most Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup applications, with HP CDP included for free.
• Long usage life – over 5,000 load/unload insertions.
• Portable, durable, static and shock proof cartridges.
• Broad compatibility with a wide range of servers and operating systems. HP RDX includes Windows backup mode, compatible with Windows Server 2012, for full integration with the tools of that operating system.
• Cartridges interchangeable in any HP RDX docking station.

Why choose an RDX removable backup disk system?

Easy to use
Backup happens automatically in the background using Continuous Data Protection or scheduled backup routines.

No more guesswork
The media cannot be removed while backups are running or scheduled. Staff can safely run local backups and rotate media without specialist skills or training.

Set and forget
Once setup, you don’t need to keep changing settings. RDX just works. It’s the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to confidently protect business-critical data.

Backs up data at hard drive speeds and restores critical files in seconds.

Great value
Durable design and a great price means unbeatable return on investment.

Tough and portable
Safely and easily take data off-site for disaster recovery, archive, or data transfer.

Fits anywhere
Desktop external or internal and rack-mount models.

Small businesses trust RDX
More than 500,000 firms and office locations trust RDX to take care of their data.

“We tied an HP RDX cartridge, packed with data, to the back of a dragster and ran it up the Santa Pod raceway at 170 mph over a quarter of a mile. It came as no surprise to us that we were able to recover all its data intact at the end of the run. But then, with a blistering 650 GB/hour transfer rate, HP RDX is no stranger to high speeds.”

Why choose RDX over an external desktop HDD?

Embedded SATA connector protects the drive from the electrostatic events that make ordinary USB-connected HDDs – even so-called ‘rugged’ ones vulnerable.

Custom-designed inner buffers ensure read/write performance is not affected by vibration during drive operation.

Better performance in drop tests than almost all external HDDs.

Reliable backups
Managed media rotation and automatic, scheduled backups via a separate drive.

Long archival life
At least ten years’ archival life supports statutory compliance requirements.

Less exposure to wear and tear
Closed interface between drive head and media means:
    • No media or drive wear.
    • No head/media track alignment issues.
    • No debris build-up.
    • Protected against static discharge.

1000X more durable
Connector specified for 5,000 load/unload cycles (insert, backup, eject) compared with 50 for DAT media.

More resilient to dust and humidity
RDX has superior dust specifications and environmental robustness compared to tape and has passed rigorous OEM tests.

“In the last couple of years, the amount of storage I’m using has increased tenfold and backing up that amount of data was becoming a headache. With HP RDX, I can easily move my images and project files into a safe, off-site location but recover them very quickly when I want to. It’s the perfect storage system for any photographer.”

How does RDX fit with the cloud?

The cloud is perfect for collaborating with business partners, making it quick and convenient to share files over the internet. But for long-term, bulk data archives, you’re better off with RDX, because:

You can backup and restore everything
Almost all SMB cloud storage services only support file-based backup and restore. So while you might get your data back, you won’t be able to restore your applications, network and other user settings. Some cloud storage providers do enable ‘bare metal restore’ but these services are aimed at the needs (and budgets) of Enterprise customers, not smaller businesses.

It works fast
No need to set up a more expensive, ultra fast internet connection to shorten backup windows. A 1 TB restore takes around five hours to complete with RDX, but is almost impossible to finish (it can last weeks) with a 2000 Mb/sec internet connection.

Keep control of your data
RDX is your own, private cloud that you can take with you anywhere. You never have to worry about being online, on security breaches or service disruption.