HP RDX Video - Could HP RDX Disk based backup be right for your business

Why choose an HP RDX+ Removable Backup Disk System?

Versatile: RDX+ can now be powered by USB so it can be used anywhere.

Easy to Use: Backup happens automatically in the background using Continuous Data Protection software or scheduled backup routines.

No more guesswork: The media cannot be removed while backups are running or scheduled. Staff can safely run local backups and rotate media without specialist skills or training.

Set and Forget: Once setup, you don’t need to keep changing settings. RDX+ just works. It’s the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to confidently protect business-critical data.

Fast: Backs up data at hard drive speeds and restores critical files in seconds.

Great Value: Durable design and a great price means unbeatable return on investment.

Tough and Portable: Safely and easily take data off-site for disaster recovery, archive, or data transfer.

Fits Anywhere: Desktop external or internal and rack-mount models.

Small businesses trust RDX+: More than 500,000 firms and office locations trust RDX+ to take care of their data.

The RDX Cartridge survived up to 54-inch drop 97% of the time, while the USB external hard drives had a 0% survival rate.  HP tied an HP RDX+ cartridge, packed with data, to the back of a dragster and ran it up the Santa Pod raceway at 170 mph over a quarter of a mile. It came as no surprise to us that they were able to recover all its data intact at the end of the run. But then, with a blistering 360 GB/ hour transfer rate (uncompressed data), HP RDX is no stranger to high speeds.  The new HP RDX+ Docking Station requires no separate power source as it is USB power capable, which means it can be used anywhere in the field.

The new HP RDX+ is available as a standalone docking station Part# C8S07B as well as in Bundles, namely the RDX+ 500GB Bundle Part# B7B66B, The RDX+ 1TB Bundle Part# B7B69B and the RDX+ 2TB Bundle Part# E7X53B.  Call your RDXworks Account Rep today for all your HP RDX+ needs.